Multivitamins Boon or Curse

cured Multivitamins Boon Or Curse

There are many myths of vitamins to make an ancient Greek theory, so we have come up with some interesting facts and truths surrounding the benefits of multivitamins. No doubt, vitamins and minerals are essential to good health -- it says so right there on the cereal box.

One common question which comes to our mind is: if taking 100% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of, say, vitamin C is good enough to keep us going through the day, then why it is needed for one 1,000% be enough to melt our fat, cure our blues, and let us leap tall buildings in a single bound?

If you are part of the crowd, who takes pop vitamins in the morning with breakfast. On the surface, swallowing a multivitamin every day makes sense. Definitely everyone wants to stay fit and healthy and we're concerned that our meals do not provide enough nutrition. Unfortunately, the more you learn about multivitamins, the less likely you are to swear by them.

Which one is better Multivitamins or Placebo?

According to the researches some vitamins may be no better than a placebo when it comes to preventing diseases. One may think that all multivitamins are placebos or a complete scam. Specific types of multivitamins provide some health benefits, such as folic acid for expecting mothers.

Studies proves that a daily multivitamin doesn't prevent heart issues, guard against memory loss, or boost longevity. In fact, study results published in Annals of Internal Medicine show that multivitamins aren't any better than empty capsules. Some researches even suggest that high doses of vitamins can actually harm the body.

Irrelevant sense of Security

Depending on inferior nutritional supplements could give you a false sense of security, which could actually leads to vitamin deficiency issues. You may think you are giving your body what it needs with the supplements you take. However, if you are taking supplements that have little or no nutritional value (unbeknownst to you) it makes you think you’re healthier. As a result, you may fall in a habit of making less healthy eating choices because you feel like you’ve gotten your daily nutrients in a few pills. You might grab a piece of carrot cake instead of a few carrots, thinking to yourself, “I already got my 100% of Vitamin A today from my morning multivitamin.”

Pay Attention To Your Nutritional Intake

There are a few studies that don’t match with these findings. Keep in mind that if you are following your doctor’s advice to take a vitamin for a nutritional deficiency or medical condition, you shouldn’t just stop. But if you are, if you are healthy and have a good diet, you may not need to supplement.

Would you like to eat diversely colored foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients? If so, you might not got any benefit from a daily multivitamin. Though nutritionists agree it is best to obtain vitamins from food sources, a multivitamin can provide missing nutrients in the event that your dietary intake is lacking.

It is advisable to have healthy food and you will get your vitamins and nutrients the way that nature intended!

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