5 Reasons Your Workout is Just Not Working Out

cured Workout Is Just Not Working Out

Many individuals workout tirelessly for hours for the sake of getting fit. The old-fashioned routine of grinding away; however, isn’t always the best approach, primarily because it becomes more like a rut with the passage of time. Following the same exercises and cardio routines not only stalls your progress but it also becomes tiresome and mechanical, so much that you eventually get tired of working out. To help you understand, here are five reasons why your workout is getting tiresome. Take a look.

1. You're following the same old workout routines

Working out with the same old exercises for weeks is a bad idea, period! Performing 3 sets of 10 reps all week, every week might seem logical to you, but, in reality, such a workout will only end up killing your motivation and hampering your progress. Instead, you need to introduce slight variations from week to week. For example, doing a varied set\rep scheme not only stimulate the muscle fibers through varying intensities but also help you concentrate on different muscle groups each time you exercise. Therefore, incorporating techniques such as ladder reps, pyramid reps, or grip switch into your workout regimen is the best thing you can do to achieve your fitness goals.

2. You're not recovering effectively

According to studies, post-workout recovery is an essential part of any exercise regimen. Therefore, grinding away tirelessly without getting proper sleep or indulging in foods with high-calorie content such as chips, pizzas, and burgers will not give you the desired body shape. Eating clean is as important as taking sufficient sleep for efficient recovery. You need to need to cut down on processed foods, trans fats, and sugars while ensuring seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Otherwise, your workout will only be half as effective.

3. Your progress is impeded

Working out for several hours without seeing any pertinent results are bound to make you feel flustered and demotivated. If you’re not careful with the planning and execution of your workout plans, you would not have the expected gains, and end up working lesser and lesser. You must understand that training is all about setting reasonable, attainable goals and working steadily towards them; otherwise, you are simply moving random weights without any purpose. In addition, no two workouts are the same; working out to get bigger requires different strategies and tempo than that for getting shredded. Therefore, you need to identify your fitness goals first, choose the best plan of attack, and then proceed with everything you’ve got.

4. You don’t have a workout partner

Although some people believe in working alone in the gym, most fitness enthusiasts need company and motivation of a workout partner.  Working out with a partner is similar to performing a duet; both the partners step up when it’s their turn to elevate the dance sequence, or in this case, the workout. Instead of working out solo, try to find a like-minded workout buddy who shares your goals and enthusiasm, and has good lifting technique. You can then take turns in providing a spot when the other is attempting to work with heavier weights. Afterall, everyone needs a kick in the bum, sometimes of the other.

5. Your environment has gone stale

Whether you train at a swanky high-end gym or a sweaty rustbucket, going to the same old spot can get tiresome after a while. To avoid such an instance and spice up your workout, you must enroll in a different gym. A new workout culture might just the missing piece of the puzzle that reinstates your interest in training hard. If you don’t want to do that, try opting for a workout class to supplement your workout routine or take your workout into the great outdoors (go for rock climbing, solo trip, etc). You will be surprised to see what difference can a simple trip to witness the grandeur of nature make to your motivation levels.

Wrapping Up

Sweating in the gym or cross-training at home to achieve your fitness goals is not about doing the same workout routine over and over. Instead, it’s about mixing up exercises and cardio sessions to maximize the benefits of any workout routine. You should strive for regularity and quality of training rather than the training volume. Remember, when training, more is always less! You don’t need to spend several hours in the gym to achieve your dream fitness, rather, you must experiment with different set/rep schemes and exercises, zealously document your progress, and ensure adequate recovery.  

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