The Best Ways to Use an Eyelash Curler And Look Like A Diva

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Eyelash curlers are essential for those who want to make the most of their eyelashes. They aren't just a beauty fad from the Victorian era but a great way to accentuate your eyes and give you that wide-eyed diva look. When done correctly, eyelash curlers can help you quickly achieve that glamorous look you've always wanted. However, many people feel intimidated by these little tools and think they're challenging to use. 

This article will teach you everything you need to know about using an eyelash curler effectively. Read on for more information!


What is an eyelash curler?

An eyelash curler is a makeup tool to get your eyelashes to stand out more when applying mascara. When your eyelashes are opened up, it allows for more of your lashes to be seen and makes your eyes appear more extensive and open. Eyelash curlers come in a few different shapes, but the most common type is the metal eyelash curler. They are further available in two styles: 

The Japanese style and the French style

Japanese eyelash curlers are great when you want a curved and lifted look. 

French eyelash curlers are great when you want a more dramatic look that curves outwards. Eyelash curlers can also come in a heated curler. Heated eyelash curlers are great when you want to eliminate mascara clumps and give your lashes a more natural look.


How to choose an eyelash curler

Price - Price is always a factor. You can find various eyelash curlers depending on how much you want to spend. Remember that the more expensive curlers are usually better quality and will last longer than the cheaper models. 

Size - Another thing to remember when choosing an eyelash curler is the size. Smaller curlers will open up your lashes, but more giant curlers will open up your eyes more dramatically.

 - Type - There are two main eyelash curlers: Japanese and French. Japanese curlers are smaller and more delicate, while French curlers are bigger and more dramatic. 

Heat - If you want your eyelash curler to have a heated feature, you'll want to ensure it is a heated curler. This will help eliminate clumps and give your eyelashes a more natural look.


How to use an eyelash curler

You'll want to look for various features when choosing an eyelash curler. 

-The size of the curler: The first thing to consider is the size. You want the curler to fit comfortably in your hand and your eye shape. If the eyelash curler doesn't fit comfortably, it won't be effective. Make sure the eyelash curler is placed against your eyelid. 

- Tilt your head: You've finally decided on a curler, and it's time to put it to use! Get a mirror and some freshly cleaned eyelashes to begin. "It takes a good amount of practice to get good," explains Ralph Siciliano (Celebrity make up artist, NY). 

We've all done it, and no one wants to do it again: unintentionally pinching our eyelids while trying to use an eyelash curler. Each person has a unique eye shape, but an excellent general step-by-step rule of thumb is to look straight ahead in a mirror. 

Keep your chin up and your head tilted back for the optimal angle to use a curling iron without injuring yourself.

Open your eyes - Before you begin curling your lashes, be sure to open your eyes as wide as possible. It makes it easier to position the curler and open up your lashes more. 

Position the curler - Now that your eyes are wide open, you can begin curling your lashes. Position the curler slightly above your lash line, about halfway between your lash line and the top of your eye. Make sure the curler is facing outwards towards the ends of your lashes.

-Get to the root- When we talk about closed eyelids, it's natural to want to keep anything that clamps down well away from them. However, this usually results in an obvious lash crimp, preventing a sleek curl. The way you handle it determines its usefulness. The eyelash curler should be held close to the base but not so close that it pulls on the eye or pinches the skin.

If you're feeling anxious, raise the tweezers to the root of your lashes and close them lightly to double-check your location before applying further pressure.


Eyelash curler tips and tricks

Prepare your lashes - Before using your eyelash curler, ensure your lashes are as clean as possible. You don't want dirt and oil from your lashes to get on your eyelash curler! This can cause the curler to break down quicker. 

Use coconut oil - If you have very oily eyelids, consider using coconut oil to ensure your eyelids are clean and ready to be curled. Coconut oil will help eliminate any excess oil from your lashes and eyelid. 

Apply the correct pressure - When curling your lashes, you want to ensure you're applying the right amount of pressure. When too much pressure is applied, you could break your eyelid or cause an eye infection. If you apply too little pressure, your eyelashes won't be curled enough, and you could tug at your lashes. 

Use a lash comb - Applying a lash comb before curling your lashes can help separate them and make it easier to curl them.


Misuse of eyelash curlers and how to avoid them

It's not hard to apply false eyelashes once you get over your initial anxiety about accidentally poking your eyelids instead of your lashes. Palevic-Desevic and Siciliano agree that only two common mistakes frequently cause damage to lashes or an unsatisfactory curl. Expert advice: avoid making these blunders.

1. Avoid using the mascara first

Applying mascara before curling can cause lashes to become brittle and even fall out. According to Palevic-Desevic (President & Brow Shaping Specialist @lilibethofnewyork), "Using this method makes your lashes stick together, causing the mascara to stick to the curler." Applying mascara before you curl your eyelashes is not a good idea.

Even celebrity makeup artist Ralph Siciliano recommends curling your lashes before applying mascara. Although he stresses the importance of starting with clean, bare lashes, he does say that other eye makeup can be used before curling. He says, "I think it's best to curl after eyeliner, but it depends on the look I'm going for." A gel or liquid liner can be difficult to apply if your lashes are curled too tightly.

2. Do not curl only once

Applying a second curl will help if your lashes still stand upright after the first one. Curling the hair only at the ends is another common makeup mistake. To get the full effect of the lash, one must grasp it from tip to tassel.

Try Siciliano's method for a more manageable curl to raise your game. He advises that you tilt and hold the curler upward while keeping the clamp as close to the base as possible. This, she said, "helps give them the lift," before instructing her audience to unclamp and move the clamp to the lash's midpoint, where it should be held for five seconds.


The Final Word

Eyelash curlers are a great way to open your eyes and make them look bigger. They can also help you eliminate clumps and give your lashes a more natural look. Eyelash curlers don't have to be intimidating; anyone can use them if they follow the steps and tips in this article from and get the diva look they desire.

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