Things You Must Know Before Taking The Water Pills

Losing weight is not easy and we all know that. For losing a few pounds from your body, you are asked to hit the gym, jog for hours, and do intense workouts that may look scary and breathtaking to some couch potatoes. And to avoid this, they prefer to buy some weight loss supplements instead of burning calories through exercise. Water pills are also known as Diuretics is a pill that can help you lose excess water from your body. It is highly recommendable for people with hypertension and kidney issues as these pills help them drain the extra water without disrupting the other body parts. But, amid by the ability of the pill to lose weight - though, the water weight only - people have started using this pills for some common day to day issues. Water pills are now being used to reduce mild bloating, inflated stomach, and sometimes as a weight loss supplement. Now, the question is are water pills safe to be used as a weight loss supplement? Should one suffering from mild bloating issues take this pill on self-prescription basis? Let’s find out!

What are water pills and how do they function

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Water pills (a.k.a. diuretics) are basically medications designed to increase the amount of water & salt content that your body drains from the body as urine. Due to its intake, an excess pressure is applied to your kidney which helps in draining out the extra water & salt content through your pee. All this helps in reducing blood pressure, preventing fluid buildup, and reducing swelling respectively. So, it is good for the people who are struggling with such issues. But, if you are a normal healthy human being who has no heart problem or kidney issues, and you are planning to take up diuretics for one or more reasons, read the below-mentioned points before coming to any conclusion.

Some common facts about "Water Pills"

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1. Water pills are one of the most commonly prescribed medications for health issues like hypertension, heart failure, and unexpected swelling. No doctor recommends it for treating mild bloating and weight loss issues.

2. Water pills are not dangerous unless or until you are taking a prescribed dose of them. Any self-prescribed dose of water pill can make your body dehydrated which can be dangerous for you. You may get addicted to it and may break the threshold of water content in your body.

3. Water pills, no doubt drain the excess water from your body which further makes you feel light weighted. You might see a few Kgs dropped from your normal weight on the weighing machine but trust us it is temporary. All you are shedding is just the water which will again build up once you stop taking the pills.

4. They can make your periods a bit painless

5. While diuretics are not recommended to a healthy woman, one take them while dealing with the period pain. Yes, you heard it right. Water pill, when taken during the menstrual cycle, can reduce period bloating and significantly de-puff unexplained leg swelling.

In short, water pills are not for losing weight and should not be taken for draining the excess water from your body. The excess use of water pills can affect the normal functioning of your kidney and may put your health in trouble. So, avoid taking diuretics for losing weight and stay healthy. 

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