The 10 Commandments To Amp Up Your Makeup Game

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Tired of your regular beauty routine? We understand because we've lived through it. You are possibly always looking for new ways to spice up your makeup routine and daily looks, even if you've just mastered winged eyeliner, been playing around with colors, or discovered a serum or setting spray you can't stop raving about.

Well, here is the good news: you can quickly spruce up your appearance without hiring a professional makeup artist. It's easier than ever to find interesting new beauty products and regimens that will allow you to experiment with your look without putting too much time and effort into it or breaking the wallet. There's something for every makeup fan, from natural lash extensions to beauty accessories and so much more! Whether you prefer a natural aesthetic or enjoy experimenting with strong colors and concepts, you may easily find something that fits your style. If you're ready to amp up your makeup game, here are a few places to start:


The halo eye look

For many years, the halo eyeshadow effect has been our go-to for enhancing and emphasizing the eyes. Once you ace the basics, the possibilities are endless: try out new color palettes and material combinations, play with negative space, or incorporate a graphic line. What is a halo-eye effect, you ask? It's an eyeshadow style in which lighter or brighter hues are applied in the eyelid's center, with darker shadows applied to the outer corners. 

First, create a contrasting shadow at the lid's inner and outer corners to achieve the perfect halo effect. Start by applying it from the outer corner of the eye, and using a small, fluffy brush, pack on the shadow and blend it into the crease. Extend the darker color down to your lower lash line for added drama.

Second, pack the eyeshadow onto the lid with a flat brush using small tapping movements, focusing on the center of the eye (the halo) and blending outward for a less structured, blended look. Finally, to add to the halo effect, use a shimmer shadow atop to amplify the halo's illumination, and shimmer down the lower lash line to draw attention to that area.


Bushy brows

This easy trick can give the impression of thicker brows, a more defined nose, and a more well-proportioned face. You could say we're completely hooked. Taking your brows in even a little bit may make a huge difference. It's also possible that one of your eyebrows is naturally thicker than the other, so you might only need to fill in the thicker brow with a pencil.

You don't want your brows to be too close together, so always start far out and work your way in. Make strokes that mimic hair with a brow pencil, and fill in each brow individually until you find a style that suits you. Take a slim makeup brush and hold it vertically to the side of the tip of your nose; this will give you a good idea of where your brows should begin.

However, it's essential to remember that this is only a general rule and that everyone has somewhat different features, so you should try out a variety of appearances to determine what works best for you.


For a more polished look

Creating a harmonious makeup look generally means using the same color pallet for your eyes, cheeks, and lip color. For example, choose an orange-toned eyeshadow and a peach-coral blush if you're rocking a lovely coral lip. It's not always easy to get a monochromatic makeup look because you can't always use the same lip, cheek, and eye color.

For example, if you're using neon eyeshadow, you probably wouldn't use neon lipstick or blusher. Use a blush and lip color that go well with the daring color to create a well-balanced makeup look.


The best-kept secret of concealer

If you've been dissatisfied with the level of coverage provided by your concealer, you'll love this trick, which has gained widespread popularity in the drag world. It's a simple hack that dramatically increases the coverage of even medium-coverage concealers.

Begin by applying a thin coating of concealer to the problem areas and then wait anywhere from one to three minutes (you'll need to test this to find the optimal time for your particular formula). This 'drying' time aids in setting the concealer on your skin so that when you blend it, it is almost semi-dry and won't be absorbed entirely by your makeup sponge. Be forewarned that you'll need to act quickly if you want to blend it in before it fully hardens.


Master the art of the winged liner

One of our favorite liner tips is using a post-it note as a guide for the correct angle on your wing. Although simple, it greatly facilitates the procedure overall. Put the slanted side of the post-it note along your lower lash line and work your way toward the end of your brow. Make your wing using this rim as a template.

Once the liner has dried, you can carefully remove it. Then, connect your wing to your upper lash line. This is a fantastic beginner's trick, which is why we adore it. It's also less difficult to draw a perfect wing in the free form once you've learned the proper angle.


Make the most of your innate charm

When applying makeup to features like your eyes, cheeks, and brows, it's best to complement rather than conceal your skin's innate structure and pigmentation. If your eyeliner or eyebrows have always seemed a little off, it could be because you're not emphasizing your best features.

Wearing darker eyeliner on the inner water lines can accentuate the appearance of huge eyes, but the opposite is true for small eyes. Similarly, eye makeup tricks like winged liner and inner corner eyeliner may not complement every eye shape. If you want to find a way to highlight your natural beauty, you should learn which techniques work best for you.


Play with accessories

If you want to level up your makeup routine, you aren't limited to powders, serums, and tints. These days, you can stop by any drugstore or beauty supply shop and pick up some fun special effects or costume-style makeup.

If you're comfortable with your basic makeup application and want to spice up your appearance for a special occasion, try exploring some attractive accessories, such as face jewels, colorful liquid eyeliner, or a variety of stencils for creating eye and cheek patterns.


Get out of the comfort zone

If your everyday look is already full of color and accessories, why not try something different one day and see how you can achieve the same dramatic look with earth tones and more subdued colors? Similarly, if you've been wearing the same browns and neutral tones every day for years, check if you can gradually learn to incorporate intriguing new shadows and lip colors into your daily appearance.

Better, ask yourself what you regard to be the most iconic fashion era. Is it the 60s' huge doll eyes? Frosty 90s hairstyles? Why not do some study and see if you can duplicate and personalize some of your favorite old-school makeup looks?

Makeup is a great art form that can be as complex or as basic as you choose, so don't be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you.


Check out the natural eyelash extensions

Natural lash extensions will be a game-changer for people who want their eyes to stand out but don't want to waste time every day applying false lashes. The best part is that you may choose from a wide range of lengths and densities, allowing you to achieve anything from a natural look to a dramatic everyday transformation.

If you obtain lash extensions from a professional, you'll need to refill them every six to eight weeks, much like your natural hair. 



It is not at all necessary to be an experienced makeup artist; there are a plethora of simple and easy-to-perfect makeup techniques that will instantly elevate your game. From perfecting the eyeliner technique to the brow rule everyone should know, this blog can help you take your makeup skills to the next level.

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